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如若相爱,便携手到老; 如若错过,便护他安好。 Love, forever. Be a guardian otherwise. 你走,我不送你。 你来,无论多大风多大雨, 我要去接你。 Leaving me, there will be no me. Coming to me, I will get you despite wind and rain. ...

We finished checking 1 side, 336-82911-00 Clutch side there is 600pcs with problems. 【我们已经完成了其中一部分的检验,即336-82911-00 离合器部分,共有600件出现问题。】 Will check the other side 336-82921-00 brake side starting ...

求英文翻译一下几句“真是拿你没办法” It's no way to get you “没有我你就不行呢” Can't you do without me? “如果你是以下类型,请不要购买” If you are the following type, please do not buy

世界杯是世界上最高荣誉、最高规格、最高水平、最高含金量、最高知名度的足球比赛,与奥运会并称为全球体育两大最顶级赛事,甚至是转播覆盖率超过奥运会的全球体育盛事. Both world Cup and Olympics are called top two global sports events. ...

Make sure that you present your best in your finest years.


One of the children kicked a ball very hard and it went towards

1、The national tourism administration post training guiding committee of the twentieth period of National Tourism Bureau hotel general manager certificate training course 2、Four has invited as Turist Hotel service Beijing ski...

你好,我的回答包你满意 Short as the winter holiday is ,I have great fun .However ,the new term is drawing near and we soon return to school.How time flies!



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