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求这句话英文翻译 不管别人怎么对你,你应该保持最...

No matter what the others treat you, you should keep your first heart!

Whatever how others treat you, you should be a good guy

No matter how he is in others' eyes, who I love is the best, as I only know.

你好! 我不管别人怎样,我只做好我自己 I don't care how others, I only do myself

In the future no matter how people say that you, as long as you do, because you are the best 我去年英语专业8级

不管别人眼里我们对你怎样是不重要的, 你是怎么想的? 对应的英语: It's not important that other people think how we treat you. It's important how you think anout it.

No matter what you are in the eyes of others, anyway you in my eyes is always light


Thank those people who are behind me, and I will love you forever.希望能帮到你

At last,the most important thing is to stick to our dream whatever others say. 改成:Finally ,the most important thing is to stick to my dream whatever others say! keep:没有表示【坚持】的意思。


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