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DrAw AttEntion to是什么意思

draw attention to [英][drɔ: əˈtenʃən tu:][美][drɔ əˈtɛnʃən tu] 吸引…的注意力;促使…注意; 例句 1. If nothing else, recent events have shown that the media tycoon still has a...


draw attention侧重于招来、吸引注意力 如:her shouts drew the attention of the police.她的叫喊声引起了警察的注意. pay attention是注意、留心、集中注意力 如:you must pay attention to the teacher.你必须专心听老师(讲课之类)

pay attention to and draw attention to的区别: pay attention to:注意。 draw attention to:促使...注意(引起对...的注意)。两者意思就不同,翻译不同。 例句: 1、you must pay attention to your study 你必须专心学习。 2、I hope you w...

draw attention to somebody/something/doing something we wish to draw attention to thought habits 我们希望引起人们对思想习惯的一些注意。

draw attention to,吸引…的注意力; A headline on the front page draws attention to the fuller story inside. 扉页上的大字标题为的是吸引你注意里面的详细内容。


draw attention from 英 [drɔ: əˈtenʃən frɔm] 美 [drɔ əˈtɛnʃən frʌm] 词典 吸引…的注意力 双语例句 1 There were no large state-owned companies to absorb energies and ...

gain attention 是指主语本身得到足够的关注。 而draw attention常搭配draw attentionto sth,是指将他人的注意力吸引到其它方面。 例句: gain attention 1、Do you occasionally or often dress or act provocatively to gain attention? 你有...



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