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[例句]She would sit there drawing with the pencil stub 她会坐在那儿用铅笔头画画。 She drew away and did not smile 她慢慢走开了,脸上没有笑容。 He drew his chair nearer the fire 他把椅子拉到离炉火更近的位置。

I can draw a picture .

双语例句 1 He began to draw cartoons and published the works in newspapers andmagazines since1978. 1978年开始创作漫画并在报刊杂志上发表。 2 Walt wanted to draw cartoons like those he saw in the newspapers, buthe had little free...

draw a conclusion 得出结论 例句:Do you draw a conclusion from the meeting?你从会议中得出结论了吗? From what is said above, we can draw a conclusion.根据上面所说的,我们可以得出一个结论。

1.I ' ll ask your opinions before drawing a conclusion. 下结论之前我想听听各位的意见。 2.From what is said above , we can draw a conclusion. 由上面所说的,我们可以做一个结论。 3.Chapter five draws a conclusion of the article. ...

He draws every day. He is drawing. He drew yesterday. He will draw tomorrow.

I find it difficult to draw a conclusion on that. It may draw a conclusion that the results coincide with the truth. It is important to draw a conclusion from the facts. 附:draw a conclusion 释义 得出结论,告一段落 下结论; 提...

After a heated discussion, they drew a conclusion in the end. 经过热烈的讨论,他们最终得出了结论。

吸引某人的注意。 例句:The teacher drew our attention to the blackboard.

你好,非常高兴回答你问题 . . . . we can draw the conclusions that you are very clever


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